API reference

Top-level methods and classes

intake plugin for SDMX data sources

class intake_sdmx.SDMXData(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Driver for SDMX data sets of a given SDMX dataflow. Its parameters largely follows the :class:pandasdmx.Request API.


Request dataset from SDMX data source via HTTP, and convert it to a pandas Series or DataFrame using pandasdmx. The return typedepends on the kwargs passed on instance creation.

class intake_sdmx.SDMXDataflows(*args, **kwargs)[source]

catalog of dataflows for a given SDMX source

search(text, operator='|')[source]

Make subcatalog of entries whose name contains any word from text.

  • text[str] – space-separated words

  • operator[str[ – either “&” or “|” meaning AND or OR

Return: instance of SDMXDataflows

class intake_sdmx.SDMXSources(*args, **kwargs)[source]

catalog of SDMX data sources, a.k.a. agencies

supported by pandaSDMX