Statistical Data and Metadata eXchange (SDMX) for the intake ecosystem

intake_sdmx is an Apache 2.0-licensed plugin for intake. It leverages pandaSDMX to bring SDMX 2.1-formated data and metadata, into the intake data acquisition, distribution and visualization ecosystem.

intake_sdmx can be used to:

  • explore the dataflows from about 20 data providers such as the World Bank, BIS, ILO, ECB, Eurostat, UNICEF and United Nations through the intake API and GUI;

  • export data sets as pandas Series or DataFrame

  • expose virtually all pandaSDMX features through the convenient intake API

  • store and distribute metadata packages on data sets as declarative YAML or conda packages

…and much more.

Get started

Assuming a working copy of Python 3.7 or higher is installed on your system, you can get intake_sdmx either by typing from the command prompt:

$ pip install intake_sdmx

or from a conda environment:

$ conda install intake_sdmx -c intake

Next, look at the narrative user guide and skim through the documentation of intake and/or pandaSDMX as needed.

intake_sdmx user guide

Contributing to intake_sdmx and getting help

  • Report bugs, suggest features or view the source code on GitHub.

  • The sdmx-python Google Group and mailing list may have answers for some questions.

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